Our Key Solution Benefits:

Knowledge Base

Choosing your salary level
There are things to know about setting your own salary level as a business owner. As a business owner setting your own salary level can be a tricky task.
Limited company dividends
If a limited comapny has made a profit it is free to distribute these funds to its shareholders.

Our Company At A Glance

Careys Tax Service was built on experiences and information learned from working with Mrs. Faye Carey and Mrs. Diane Carey over the past several years. Both of which were fantastic with numbers and wonderful Tax Preparers/Bookkeepers.




Who we are

  • KerriLynn Phillips (Owner, Preparer)
  • Misty Coley (Professional Preparer)
  • Charles Watson (Professional Business Consultant and tax Preparer)
  • Jon Phillips (Information and Security Specialist)
  • Careys tax service has been serving Madison County and surrounding counties for over 48 years.
    We pride ourselves in offering that one on one tax service that most of the time only comes from family oriented agencies.
    We are located in the country and understand the small businessman better than any big chain tax preparer.
    The business started with Mrs. Faye Carey back in 1955 and then in 2007 Mrs. Dianne Carey took over the business. And now Dianne's daughter KerriLynn is continuing the business.
  • KerriLynn Phillips is the Daughter of the late Dianne Carey and has taken over her family business after her mother passed away early in April of 2015. She has the same passion to succeed and help her clients, as did Faye and Dianne, in the best manner possible.
    She has vast experience and has some great new faces in her office that are College educated and very friendly. Please continue to show us your support and we will continue to keep the cost of having your taxes done much lower in 2016.